So now the winter is here, and I like it really much 🙂 It’s brighter and everything looks so nice with the snow. The only bad side with it is that my room is a bit cold because it’s so big and has 6 windows and only two radiators. But there is something called clothes, so I am doing all right.

Today I went on my first ski trip this winter, started with a rather short trip. You are always a bit more tired the first time on the season as you seem to be using some muscles that are only used when you ski. I went from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter and back, which is a short trip but there is some height difference.


I have not taken this image, it’s an image from but it shows how beautiful it can be. When I went back from Ullevålseter you have oslo below you and it was dawn so there was a beautiful red-orange glow from the city and later when it got totally dark you get that blue snow…

I am not sure if it’s because of the ski trip but now sitting here in the night I feel so happy 🙂

If you have not tried it, go out and do it if you have some snow. It’s also a very cheap wintersport compared to alot of other winter activities.