Replacing the black sheep

I was really tired today… Left work a little earlier than usual. On the way home I visited a HIFI store to buy a new CD player that I have thought about buying for a very long time. And as a positive surprise I noted that the price had been lowered on the player by 1500 NOK. That was a really good deal, all other stores who sell this player still charge the normal price, they told me in the store that they had lowered the price on this model because they want to focus on more cheap models as that is what their customers are buying. He said he wanted to have more buyers like me 🙂 This player cost’s around 9000 back in Sweden so I am very happy with my buy and the sound is really good. My stereo is now complete with all parts of high quality. The CD player was the black sheep in my stereo, but now it’s finally complete. Although I will still keep the black sheep as it’s not a bad piece of equipment at all, in fact one of my best electronic buys ever; it’s just a little out of the place compared to the rest. The black sheep is a Technics 110 disc changer, while the new player is a Rotel RCD-1072.

So why go with a CD player now when we have mp3’s and DVD players and all new stuff ? When it comes to mp3’s they really suck when you play them on a good system. At least I noted a big difference when I updated my amplifier that my mp3’s sounded so much more crappy as you are now able to hear all the flaws of the compression much more clearly.

Rotel RDC1072

Well I am mostly interested in high quality music and you can get very good sound in a good 2 – channel system. And the CD is not a bad format that I believe will still be around for a while. At least my own collection will be around :). So when I buyed my current amplifier I decided that I instead of spending the money on a ok dvd player I spend them on a really good stereo amplifier to get a really good stereo system for music. You can still get good sound from the DVD movies when I play them on the computer as I have a good subwoofer in the system.

So now I am really satsified 🙂 and I am going to use much time to relive my CD’s with the new sound…


It’s sunday and everything is rather calm as it is on sundays. Less traffic outside and I have not done much and the clock is 15. Well I have done one important thing and that is to change my brake pads on the bicycle. That was in time, I noted that the brake rubber had almost dissappeared and some metal almost shined through on one of pads. Luckily it was just almost 🙂 One more ride and I had probably scraped up the rims. So I am going to try out the brakes later today on my now almost routinely weekend ride. Getting abit cold and wet outside, but with the right clothes it’s nice.
But before the ride I am going to eat some. Maybe I’ll look like this later :), luckily I have some glasses now which I did not have back then. The image is from about 1 year ago.


So it’s weekend again. I am pretty certain that the time increases it’s speed… Nevertheless I have no big plans for this weekend. But I can tell that I had fun last weekend when I attended a concert. I am not very often at concerts but I think I am going to go much more often, it’s very fun 🙂 Last weekend I saw a Norwegian metal band named Susperia. I would categorize them as some kind of thrash metal.


The show was really good ( not a big concert, maybe 200 people ). But the warm up band was not my type of music. The band/person was called Mortiis, and the music was – how should I put it – ”interesting’. He is dressed like a troll in rasta hair and plays a very electronic type of metal.

The only concerts I have been on earlier here in Oslo are two Nightwish conserts of which I consider the first one was much better. Much earlier ( a few years ago) I saw a band named Apocalyptica ( metallica covers on Cello’s ). Oh and I almost forgot, I have also seen Björn Rosenström and Briskeby. I think that’s about all concerts I have seen…

No wait.. there is one more. I saw a classic consert in Oslo Konserthus also, it was a girl that played music by some russian composer. I tried to remember the name of this composer but unfortunately my memory of russian names is a bit rusty. I know almost how it sounds but not even google could help me when I tried to spell the sound of his name.

Anyway let it be more… 🙂


As a sidenote to the speak I heard by Bruce Schneider, I thought I should point out a quote from his last newsletter that was pointed out to me.

”After the Download.ject attack in June, voices advocating alternatives to Internet Explorer grew louder. Which browser do you use?

Schneier: I think it’s foolish to use Internet Explorer. It’s filled with security holes, and it’s too hard to configure it to have decent security. Basically, it seems to be written in the best interests of Microsoft and not in the best interests of the customer. I have used the Opera browser for years, and I am very happy with it. It’s much better designed, and I never have to worry about Explorer-based attacks.”