So it’s weekend again. I am pretty certain that the time increases it’s speed… Nevertheless I have no big plans for this weekend. But I can tell that I had fun last weekend when I attended a concert. I am not very often at concerts but I think I am going to go much more often, it’s very fun 🙂 Last weekend I saw a Norwegian metal band named Susperia. I would categorize them as some kind of thrash metal.


The show was really good ( not a big concert, maybe 200 people ). But the warm up band was not my type of music. The band/person was called Mortiis, and the music was – how should I put it – ”interesting’. He is dressed like a troll in rasta hair and plays a very electronic type of metal.

The only concerts I have been on earlier here in Oslo are two Nightwish conserts of which I consider the first one was much better. Much earlier ( a few years ago) I saw a band named Apocalyptica ( metallica covers on Cello’s ). Oh and I almost forgot, I have also seen Björn Rosenström and Briskeby. I think that’s about all concerts I have seen…

No wait.. there is one more. I saw a classic consert in Oslo Konserthus also, it was a girl that played music by some russian composer. I tried to remember the name of this composer but unfortunately my memory of russian names is a bit rusty. I know almost how it sounds but not even google could help me when I tried to spell the sound of his name.

Anyway let it be more… 🙂


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