Moving an aquarium

Time to write something here again. The 1st of august I moved in to my new apartment. I have earlier lived together with some coworkers. I just got it nice and clean when I started the next project which was to move a large marine aquarium which I set up in 2001 and since then have not been able to put into my own place. But now it was time to do so, it really took too long time to get it back in my custody, but good I eventually got around to actually do it, and an apartment with 2 rooms was an necessity for this. My living room will now be like a day at the sea, with around 800 liters of water when the system is up and running at it’s full potential. We managed to move it all in one day, but it took all day. 4 rides back and forth by car, fortunately it’s not very far. It all went smooth and the fish seem to have survived the trip fine in the 400 liters of water we managed to transport from the old system. They now live happily in the sump until they get back into the aquarium. If you are not into the marine aquarium hobby you may wonder what the sump is; it’s an external tank beside the aquarium where usually all water cleaning equipments are placed. But as a temporary solution the fish and the other inhabitants live there. The other inhabitants are currently two small crabs and 2 seastars.

Things left to to now is to get the lamp up, go buy pipes to draw between the sump and the aquarium, make sure the aquarium is leveled, and make some new water with reverse osmosis and seasalt.

I have put some images that shows the mess in my apartment right now here. I put the images in the same gallery as the images from when I constructed it all the first time in 2001.