I planned to go training today, but then I felt so tired so I am postponing that for tomorrow.

Usually I like the snow and so but now I am bit bored with the cold and the indoor training. I long for the spring such that I can take a ride with my bike again. Riding up and down the hills of Oslo has a certain charm, I don’t think I would enjoy bicycling as much if there were no hills as they are very good targets. I usually decide to go up a specific top which makes me very tired on the way up, but then it’s downhill all the way home. Skiing is also very nice of course but it’s more cumbersome. You have to vax the skis, dress warm, freezing when you wait on the subway there and freeze again on the subway home. Bicycling is so simple, if I decide to take a ride I’ll be out there training within 5 minutes while it takes hours to get out skiing. Going to the gym is also very fast as I live just 100 meters away, and there is another one 100 meters from work, so there is no way to escape 🙂 but going to the gym is just nice, it’s not fun in the same way as going bicycling or playing soccer.

Dying coral

In the last post I wrote about the two corals I had bought. Now one of them is dying :(. When a coral dies, it loses it’s color which is called coral bleaching. The colors of the corals come from the zooxanthellae living within the tissue. In nature this occurs more frequently now than in the past most likely due to the global warming effect. In the image below you can see where major coral bleaching has occured in the last 15 years:

coral bleaching

Sadly this means that perhaps many corals will die out in the not too distant future, corals are very sensitive to the water temperature.

And below you can see my bleaching coral:

my coral 1

my coral 2

And finally my still living coral, notice that the polyps are extended in comparison to the dying one where the polyps seem to be just empty holes.

my coral 3

I just hope that the other one survives such that I can continue to create a healty reef. I still struggle with some things but at least all water parameters seem to be where they should be, maybe a bit too salty, but that is very easy to fix. Prefarably the water should have a specific gravity of about 1.026, and I happened by mistake to push this up to almost 1.030, that might be why the one coral is dying but it’s hard to say.

Corals added

Yesterday I bought 2 corals for my aquarium. It has now been in operation in my apartment since I moved it here this summer. Hopefully they will make it now as my waterquality has improved lately.

Corals demand lots of light so I put one directly beneath one of the two 250W lights and one under the other. My reef structure is not so high though and the lamps are hanging a bit too high above the tank. I might lower it soon to give the corals more light intensity. The corals also need food, i.e. small particles of for example plankton. I hope there is enough for them such that I don’t have to manually feed them but we will see.

Even though corals may look like plants they are infact animals belonging to the animal kingdom, phylum Cnidaria (nässeldjur in Swedish) which includes jellyfish, corals and anemones. The corals are the animals in the class Anthozoa ( koralldjur in Swedish).

Another thing to note is that one coral, like the ones you see on the images below, is not one indidual but many, this is true for most corals but not all. The corals consists of individual polyps that share a common skeleton.


Back again!

The site has been down for a couple of month due to our old host suddenly just stopped the service. Never mind we did not pay much and we had unlimited resources in both space and traffic for about 2,5 years I think. Nevertheless it feels better to use a company that you can actually get in touch with. I feel comfortable that this will work much better in the long run.

Otherwise I still have some work to do to bring everything back from the backups ( last backup I had was from September 2005 ), but I have started up the gallery again though. But I plan to make an update on the gallery software.