Game programming

I have had some plans for a while to make a small game. I have not done much game programming so it will probably not be anything special, just for fun and to learn some new stuff. But often there is not much time for it so I guess this will be a slow project, nevertheless I hope I end up with something playable one day.

Many years ago when the Amiga 500 was popular I played a lot of games, and the game I plan to make is inspired by one simple game I really liked called Brain Blasters. Here are some images of the old Amiga game:




In the game you will se a puzzle which you have to memorize, and by collecting falling pieces you must recreate the image correctly before the time runs out. Also in the original version you could play 2 players and the person that first recreated the correct image would win.

The only thing done so far is to decide what tools to use and without any particularly extensive research I think I am going to try out this combination:

Kyra sprite engine – for the sprites.

Kyra is based on SDL and C++.

Lets see how it goes…


As of version 9 of the Opera browser there is a new feature called widgets which are small web applications running on your desktop. For example if you click on the small image below you will get a widget that contains my blog:


It was a while since I was out cycling, and much much longer since I wrote anything in my blog. So I thought I could combine them this time. And as I have bought a new phone recently I got some pictures of the ride and here is one of them:

Me on bicycle

Image is taken close to Tryvann in Oslo, I usually ride up there because it’s not far and it’s sweaty enough with all that uphill. Also I love the nature up there, a magnificent view of the mountains in the far, you can even see snow sometimes if the air is clear, but today it was hazy so you did not see that far. On my way I got sunburned, but that was intentional, and I saw a woman feeding a cute little duckling in the small lake, a young couple that took a bath naked, but they quickly got dressed when they saw me for some reason 🙂 Probably tourists that thought they were far from the civilization 🙂 Oh yes I saw another cute little animal, a squirrel.