The walk to Sweden

Today I was going to vote in the election for the Swedish parliament at the Swedish embassy here in Oslo. As it was such nice weather I decided to walk there ( slightly more than one hour to walk ). And this is my walk documented in images and some text about the places:

This is about 5 minutes from where I live, walking downwards towards Grünerløkka. The embassy is open until 14 so at 11:51 there is plenty of time.
This is Birkelunden on Grünerløkka.
This is the subway sandwich shop at Birkelunden. It’s probably soon going to be closed as the owners of the house demands ourageous rents, over 80 000 NOK per month. It’s the same situation for many stores in Oslo, which makes the big kiosk chains like 7-Eleven,Deli De Luca and Narvesen being the only ones that can afford the rents. They are popping up everywhere. It’s nice with a few 24h kiosks but this is starting to get ridiculous, I am gettins really tired of Deli De Lucas and the likes everywhere. Not that Subway is a poor little chain, but you can imagine the problems for small owners when even Subway can’t afford the rents.
This is Thorvald Meyers gate that goes down towards Akerselva.
I forgot the name of this little park but I do remember that I have celebrated the new year there once :).
This is Markveien. Once they closed this entire street for some movie recording, I have also visited a small computer store here a couple of times, and signed up for an insurance at the bank office.
When you reach Akerselva you cross it over the Ankerbrua bridge. Not much to say about that other than that close by there are people trying to sell drugs. The police were supposed to try to cut down on that, don’t know if they have succeded or not. I did not see anyone suspicious today at least.
Getting closer to the city centre, this street is called Torggata. I have bought some hifi equipment here as they have several such stores here, although the one I used to shop in has closed some month ago. I remember the store owner told me that they should have had more customers like me the last time I was there, I guess they already knew that they were closing down at that time.
This is Rockefeller, I have been on several music concerts there.
Close to Rockefeller is the nice Sound of Noice store where you can buy metal CD’s and DVD’s.
Walking further I arrive at Youngstorvet. Several political parties have their offices in the buildings close by. At least I guess so as they have their signs on the buildings. I saw the final of the Soccer world cup in Folkets Hus at this plaza this year.
Oslos big street KarlJohan, there are always alot of people there even if it’s not that clear in this image. Behind me it was totally packed with people. The yellow building at the end of the street is the Royal castle which I am heading towards.
This is not yet the castle, the building belongs to the university and they were having a geological exhibition today.
This is the castle. The King and his family will be waving to all the people on the Norwegian national day from the balcony every year.
Behind the castle the houses starts to look much nicer compared to the east side of Oslo where I am currently living.
There are alot of embassys in this area, and several on this street.
This nice house which is a restaurant is pretty close to my previous apartment. I have not eaten there though as it’s very expensive. The starters are priced at about 200 NOK and the main courses around 350 NOK if I remember correctly from what I read on the sign.
Generally the houses in this area that is called Frogner (or at least it’s close to frogner, I am not sure of the exact boundaries), are very nice but this house must be the most misplaced and ugliest house in entire Oslo. Not that I am a great art-lover or architect but this house is just so incredibly ugly that the one who built it here hopefully got fired or started a new career in some area as far from housebuilding as possible after this mistake. If I was an architect I would probably wake up screeming and sweaty in the middle of the nights due to severe nightmares about this house.
From something ugly to something nice, I think this is the nicest roundabout that I know of. It’s really nice. It’s in some way something very ’not-Oslo’ about it but it still fits in very good.
I don’t remember the name of this street but I have walked it many times when I walked from my job to my previous apartment. It was not the closest way, but I am rarely in a hurry so I often walk where I want to walk instead of the closest route.
Now I am very close to the embassy. This is Bygdøy alle.
And here it is :), I went inside and gave my vote to one of the ladies in the reception. There were approximately 10 other voters there at the time. Two of them happened to hand in their votes without having sealed their envelopes properly so the lady in the reception had to dig through the old ones to find these votes as they would probably not be counted if the envelopes were not properly sealed.
On my way home I walked past the American embassy and I though about how extremely different the security is. At the american embassy there is a huge metal fence around the entire building, there are armed guards walking on the inside and you have to go through xray and more guards to get inside. At the Swedish embassy it was just to walk inside through the unlocked unguarded front door and have a seat in one of the sofas inside 🙂

So now I have made my duty for my home country.