Books and Electricity

Now with the high electricity costs here in Norway (the prices are doubled compared to last year) I thought it would be interesting to see how much I actually use on various things in my apartment. Today I connected it to the washing machine and found out the following: I used the economy program on 40℃ (1:30h) with 2:10h of drying ( I have a combined machine ). The effect peaked at 2651W / 11.63A and the total consumption was 3.30 KWh. The current price for electricity is now about 0.75NOK/KWh in addition to nettleie (whatever that is in English) at about 0.32NOK/KWh, so totally the price of one wash is about 3.50NOK which do not sounds that much really. I do about 2 washes a week so that would amount to about 364NOK a year. Not entirely correct however as the price varies over the seasons and also I do run 60℃ washes also of course which would be slightly more expensive I guess. Nevertheless this gives an approximate figure.

By the way I thought Norway was cheaper than Sweden for electricity but it seems that I was wrong, here is a graph over the prices per MWh in SEK for Sweden, Denmark and Norway collected over the last 30 days.

The graph was generated at

Also I bought two books today that I have thought about for some time, Mastering regular expressions by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl and C++ Gotchas by Stephen C. Dewhurst. I think I will be able to pickup some new ideas from these. From what I have heard they should be good.

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