If you use Linux and compile some packages from sources I would like to recommend a solution I have been using for a couple of years that make it really easy to install and uninstall packages.

There is a small utility called epkg that can be downloaded from here.

Every time you now build a package you add the option ”--prefix=/usr/local/encap/packagename” to the ”configure” script. When running ”make install” the package will now be installed to this specific location. Now comes the magic, you run ”epkg -i packagename” and symlinks will be installed in the system locations for this package to the installed package in the encap directory. You easily uninstall the package later by running ”epkg -r packagename” and the symlinks are removed (but package is still located in the encap directory). Using this system you can easily try out different versions of one package for example and you don’t need to keep track of where you originally built the package from just to be able to uninstall things.

Additional note:

I usually get a problem with an error message ”! man: not an Encap link” when trying to install encap from source. The solution is to configure encap to use another man directory like this:

./configure --mandir=/usr/share/man

and after this run ”make install”.

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