Peru 0.4.1

I once made an application for camera calibration and stereo calculations which I named Peru. The homepage can be found here:

Today I released a new version (0.4.1) with some small bugfixes. I just polish abit on it for fun sometimes and with long intervals there might be new releases. There are much to be improved and I have learned some things since I started this project but I would feel bad about just letting it die away… =) I have no idea if anyone is really using it for any good, but that has not been my main purpose for keeping it updated. But if someone finds it interesting thats a bonus of course =)

According to the statistics there are at least some downloads of it every month as can be seen here:

That number of people who can actually test it now might increase as I am now providing it in binary form in addition to the usual source release. But it’s just for linux of course, but it should be possible to compile for windows but as it’s never tested it will probably not work without some fixes.

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