Hemitauricthys polylepis

Today I bought a new fish, it’s a Hemitauricthys polylepis. The english name for the fish varies, I have seen a lot of different names such as Diamond butterfly, Shy butterfly and others but it seems like the most common one is Pyramid butterfly which comes from the triangular white part in its colors.

Here is an image of one, it’s not mine I have not yet taken a photo of mine.


It’s interesting to see how the different fish behaves when there is a newcomer in the tank. My largest fish that could scare all the others if it wanted is for some reason the most scared one, as soon as something out of the ordinary happens he hides in his cave. The cave is his own place where he sleeps at night and where he hides if he is scared. By the way he is a Blue tang.

Then I have my Powder blue tang, he is not scared but he is not very aggressive either but he is picky with food, he only eats frozen food and algae, not flakes or pellets. When the newcomer arrived he showed that he was not scared and approached the pyramid while extending his fins to look larger, but after a few hours he swam around as usual and did not seem to care anymore.

I have also three Clown fishes, they swam around at their usual location and did not seem to bother.

I also have a small Chrysiptera, not sure if it has a more common name but he is very territorial. But this newcomer is way too big for him to mess with so he stayed calm at his side of the tank. But when I added the three clowns (which are about the same size as him) he chased them around for days, he even managed to chase one such that it jumped out of the tank and fell 1,5 meters down on to the floor. Fortunately I was there and threw him back within 20 seconds or something and it seems like he got no problems from the fall.

Now there is one more fish to describe and it is my Purple tang. He looks like this:

purple tang

He have been quite aggressive towards the new pyramid butterfly all day and especially since the main lights went off. Now it’s so dark in the tank so I don’t know what they are doing anymore but I hope it’s just temporary. The tank should be big enough for them all.

Now I have referred to all my fish as he, but I have really no clue, they might all be girls. And clownfishes might even change sex if needed, quite convenient 🙂