Today I made a new release (version 1.2) of an application I named SnakeTray. This release should be pretty stable and usable, there are still some minor problems but nothing serious.

This application monitors a specific internet radio station where you can request songs and shows you the remaining minutes until you can make another request. Maybe this can be made more generic in the future to support an arbitrary internet radio station or generic enough to fetch any data using a regular expression from a page on the internet, however this was my first try in integrating an application in the KDE environment so I mostly played around and learned some stuff.

To use this application you will need Linux and you need to run the KDE desktop environment. And in addition you should like to listen to Metal 🙂

Here is the link:

Skimmer broken

When I got home from work today I noticed that only one of the pumps on my new skimmer produced any bubbles, so I was a bit worried that it had already broken. That would be a surprise because these pumps are of very good quality and my previous skimmers ran for years without a single problem ( that means 24 hours a day for several years ) before I sold them when I got this new skimmer. And it turned out to not be such a big problem with the pump, when I reattached it from the skimmer body and opened it I saw that it was just clogged by a big chunk of algae with a jelly like consistence. The whole side pipe of the pump was totally filled with it, the other pump had nothing in it ( I of course had to check that one also to make sure it was not building up in there too ). Usually the algae is just whipped to tiny pieces that follow the skimmage up into the collection cup, but apparently this chunk was a bit larger and more dense than usual. Anyway if I get rid of all the algae I should not need to see this problem again.

It’s hard to say yet if the algae is decreasing, but it’s for certain that the new skimmer pulls out a lot more waste from the water so it should have less nutrients to use. Once a week I will also try to manually extract some of it.

The Deltec 902 has arrived

Today my new skimmer for my aquarium arrived. I have battled for a long time with algae and even though the meaning of what is the best way to get rid of algae is different I have a feeling that the situation is going to improve with this new skimmer. I have tried so many different ways that this is one of my last resorts. It is not entirely true as I have a few more ideas that can be tried if this is not helping either such as a macro algae refugium or an algal turf scrubber, or replacing the liverock if there perhaps is some problem with it. Nevertheless the previous skimmer I had was definitely too small for the volume of water I had. Actually I had two smaller ones but one was so much better than the other that that the second one hardly did any big difference. I have now replaced both of the smaller ones with the new.

I bought a Deltec 902 skimmer which is a huge skimmer for my aquarium, it’s actually rated for aquariums of over 2000 liters in size while my total water volume is closer to 800 liters, but I feel that it’s better to have one that is too big than too small, now I can tweak this to not run at full capacity if needed. I started it just an hour ago so I am not sure how to set it yet, I have a feeling that I have to adjust it down later when it starts to skim as it’s currently running at 100% air intake. It usually takes some time for it to start pulling out waste.

It was a bit pricey, but on the other hand Deltec equipment can usually be sold at good prices second hand due to it’s good quality.

It think it look bigger in reality than on this image though. And on the next image I have connected it and started it.

One downside with the new skimmer is that it is so big that I can’t have my wooden table hiding the entire sump anymore, that is irritating but not much I can do about it now. Maybe I can figure out a better solution later, one option is of course to run it outside the sump and I know many do this but I am a bit scared of doing so because if it starts to leak I might ruin the wooden floor of the entire apartment, 800 liters of salt water on a wooden floor is definitely something I do not want, as it is now in the sump a leak is no problem at all as it just flows back into the system and I can adjust it when I notice it without any damage done.