Missing phone

This morning I could not find my mobile phone when I was about to leave for work. Fortunately I have a home phone so I called it, and to my big surprise I heard it ringing in the thrash can ?!. Don’t know how it ended up in there, but I was lucky that it had not run out of battery or that I had emptied the thrash 🙂 I know I can be absent minded sometimes, but I really think this was just a stupid mistake, or so I hope 🙂

Not much happening, or ?

Not too much happning at the moment, but I have a new computer so some time has been spent with that, and I am reading a book on math which has been half read for too long. It’s not the best book I have read, but you got to finish it anyway don’t you ? And there are some good parts so…

I have also been quite good at exercising frequently, at least the past week 🙂 I have been out bicycling in the nice weather. Sometimes I think I should try a different route, but I used my old standard, going up to Tryvannstårnet. I was also out trying my rollerblades, but frankly Oslo is a quite bad city for that, it’s too much up and down. At one point I got too much speed in a slope and as quick controlled braking is not possible ( at least I have no clue about how to do that ) I did the uncontrolled medium quick braking by riding out on the grass while switching to running on the roller blades :-). That was when I decided that this was not such a good route. But if I should use a good route here in Oslo I have to bring the rollerblades somewhere. Hmm maybe I will bring them back to Sweden this summer. My old hometown is much better constructed for this 🙂

Yesterday I was at the gym, and today I ran 10 km. Perhaps I should remember the time this time and try to beat it the next time. Usually I never write down anything about the results so I really have no idea of how bad or good shape I am in at the moment, or compared to anyone else or even myself in the past. So, ok next weekend I am going to beat myself, I definitely think todays result will not be that hard to beat because when you run a distance you are not used to it’s hard to know how hard you can start out and I feel I started too slow today.

Also some friends are going to Thailand next year and I decided to join them.