I was starting to get really annoyed on all the spam comments I received every day on this blog. I was reluctant to upgrade the entire blog software as I think it works fine just as it is except for the spam problems. But today I did a small change that I hope will solve the problem, if you are not logged in and want to comment you need to fill in another field with a string to prove that you are a human. The check is really stupid as there is no intelligence involved, it is the same string to be filled in every time. If the spam software really is intelligent enough to pick it up the problem will be back of course and I need to do something more sofisticated. But I really doubt that those spam robots are that smart.


Just a short story I read in a recent issue of Scientific American.

A hat seller, on waking from a nap under a tree, found that a group of monkeys had taken all his hats to the top of the tree. In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground. The monkeys known for their imitative urge, hurled down the hats, which the hat seller promptly collected. Half a century later his grandson, also a hat seller, set down his wares under the same tree for a nap. On waking, he was dismayed to discover that monkeys had taken all his hats to the treetop. Then he remembered his grandfather’s story, so he threw his own hat to the ground. But, mysteriously, none of the monkeys threw any hats, and only one monkey came down. It took the hat on the ground firmly in hand, walked up to the hat seller, gave him a slap and said, ”You think only you have a grandfather?”