This is stupid, I have signed up to not get a phonebook because I never use it, and apparently no one in my building use them. We are 4 apartments here and this is how it looked in the trashcans today, 4 unopened phonebooks.

I tried to cancel it last year also but it did not work that year either. The people who deliver these books do not seem to care, they just drop 4 books here because there are 4 apartments.

What a waste.

Expensive cars

Most Swedes or Norwegians know that prices are often higher in Norway on various things. But I guess not everyone is aware of how much more expensive cars are here in Norway than in Sweden. I was aware it was expensive but not this expensive because I have never really bothered to check car prices before, but now I did.

As an example I just checked the prices of some brand new Volvo cars. And for further comparison I also added the prices in Denmark and Finland and you might be surprised to see that the Danish prices are even higher than the already extremely high Norwegian price.

Volvo S80 2.5:

Sweden : 286.900 SEK
Finland: 488.066 SEK
Norway : 677.125 SEK
Denmark: 697.957 SEK
And for the more powerful cars the difference is even greater:

Volvo XC90 V8:

Sweden : 577.900 SEK
Finland: ? SEK ( did not find a V8, the cheaper D5 costs 650.000 SEK)
Norway : 1.477.429 SEK
Denmark: 1.578.793 SEK
Sources: and

As another example on second hand cars you can find V70 TDI’s from 1999 in the price span 30.000-50.000 SEK in Sweden ( while in Norway ( it seems to be around (150.000-200.000) SEK for the same car.

I have not really digged deep with this investigation and I do not know anything about car prices really so of course there can be errors in the prices I listed here due to facts I an not aware of, but to me this seemed to be the base prices listed for these models in the Scandinavian countries.

And to buy a car in Sweden and register it as Norwegian is so expensive that you usually will end up with an even higher price than in Norway, because otherwise of course no one would buy their car in Norway or Denmark.

The difference seems crazy really… am I only dreaming ?

Back in Oslo

I am now back in Oslo after 2 weeks in Thailand. It was great and it was an interesting contrast to travel to that summer weather from snowy Norway. On the day I left there was a snowstorm such that the bus to the airport was delayed, and the plane was also delayed a few hours. I was lucky however to have a connecting flight that did not leave until the next day so all was fine anyway.

But I can’t help feeling very good about getting home again, cold and dark and whatever it’s still beautiful and it’s home, here I am back the day after returning looking at the city where I live…