1980 – The final countdown

In my movie project I am now at 1980 and this time it happened to be the movie ”The final countdown” that I decided to watch.

This is an american science fiction movie about a modern (1980) aircraft carrier that suddenly travels into some strange wheather phenomena and is transported back to 1941 just a few hours before the japanese are going to strike at perl harbour. So a question that arise in the movie is of course if they should interfear with history and prevent the japanese from attacking using the much more modern weapons they have available.

I thought the idea of this movie was quite interesting and the movie was not bad. However I felt it lacked a bit and that they could have made much more out of it. Some effects in the movie are good but some are very bad.

All in all a ok movie that I rate 5/10.

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Opera 9.5 Released

Today Opera 9.5 was released.

The two new main features are:

Quick Find – You can easily search for a word contained in any web page that you have visited previously. This is integrated into the address bar.

Opera Link – Syncs bookmarks, notes and speed dial entries between your different computers and even your mobile phone. So as soon you store a bookmark on any of your computers at work or at home or on the mobile phone in the bus you will automatically get it everywhere. It will also be available in a web interface if you for some strange reason do not have Opera available at the moment 🙂

And of course there are lot’s of improvements on speed and better Web Standards support.

Read more and download from here.

If you are a web developer you might also be interested in checking out the alpha version of Operas developer tools named Dragonfly.