Iron Maiden

This weekend I was visiting Göteborg and watched Iron Maidens concert at Ullevi stadium. According to the band it was the largest arena in the world they are playing at, and I checked it and it seems to be correct. It was sold out with over 56 000 people. However they are performing in front of more people in non stadium shows like Wacken Open Air in Germany with over 70 000 people and some place in Canada with over 90 000. I have a small crappy video from my phone before they entered the stage here. The concert was great and the weather was perfect 🙂

Today I was out with my bike, quite hot but it was nice. I have not been so good with the training lately but hopefully I will change that. I found a Swedish site where you can track all the training you are doing, set up goals and see statistics. Sounds fun, but we will see if it remains fun, I have at least created an account and will try it and see.

Thunderstorms ( Tor/Þórr does not like me… )

Yesterday there was a quite big thunderstorm in Oslo. This is not so common here, and not that it is so close.

I heard it in the distance but did not initially think it was coming much closer. But when I sat in my couch with a glass of water in my hand there was suddenly a huge bang with lightning and thunder at the same time, I jumped so I spilled out all the water in my couch and car alarms started in the street. I also got a ringing sound in my right ear for several hours after from the loud sound. I did not see where the lighning hit, but it must have been very close to my house.

When there is a thunderstorm it’s of course good to disconnect electrical machines, but I was a bit surprised by how fast it came so I never got to that. So unfortunately I have now a long list of things not working anymore:

* My flat screen computer monitor died ( I had a dual monitor setup, so fortunately only one died and I can still use my computer )
* The DVD player for my tv is dead
* The sound in my PSP is gone ( which unfortunately was on charging when it happened )
* The network card on my computer was fried ( fortunately everything else on the computer seems to work though)
* My digital TV box is also completely dead.
* Even my wireless router is dead.

I am not sure I have tested all things here so there might be more.

At least I had an older computer standing in a corner from which I could grab an old network card, so I now have internet back even though I have a cable dragged across the floor as the router died.

Well it’s all just things…