Ferrofluid disaster

Just for fun I bought some ferrofluid to play with. It’s quite cool to see those spikes when moving a magnet around. Unfortunately even though I decided to try to be careful (because this liquid can stain things it get in touch with) I managed to screw up this experiment badly 🙂 I had poured the liquid into a different container (a glass) to experiment with it but when I was done and was going to pour it back into the original glass bottle I forgot that I had put the magnet a bit too close to the bottle (yes that was obviously stupid, I know) Suddenly they smashed together like a magnet do when it’s close enough to something it likes to stick to, and SPLAT !! I got ferrofluid all over my face and around in the room… I fortunately managed to avoid my eyes, and I managed to get most of the stains out of my face…. Well so now I only got to play with it once 🙁 , but well it was quite an exciting single experiment !.

I read on the bottle that it’s relatively safe, whatever they mean by ”relatively”. Too bad I had to wait for weeks to get this small bottle just to splash it all over my face…

But well, I also bought several other magnet toys so I have things to play with.

I might put up a small video of the ferrofluid experiment later. Unfortunately I had turned the camera off when the incident happened so you can’t see that 🙂

Coincidence ?

I just made a interesting discovery. My dad will turn 2 000 000 000 seconds old on the exact same day that I turn 31 years old. 🙂 Turning 2 billion seconds is of course much cooler than turning 31 so I guess I have to celebrate him instead of me on that day.

But this week I turned exactly 1600 weeks old.

Nectarine is dead :(

The Nectarine radio that streamed demoscene music has been hacked. Apparently the person who did this managed to delete both the content on the server and it’s backup. This is so sad because it was a really good site that I liked a lot and the guy behind it has put in a lot of work into it. I do not understand why people want to do things like that, so stupid. It seems that the person who run Nectarine is not going to put it back online, but hopefully someone else can take over and build it up again. There are many people who liked it and who have been listening to the station for years.

This was posted on the site:

This morning a script kiddie hacked nectarine.
He did post a hint on the vulnerability in the oneliner before trashing everything.
The whole Database is deleted, backup too. The only one i have is from august.

The vulnerability was coming from multipage class i used.

My motivation is too low to fight against lamers again.

If you are a donor, maybe could you unsubscribe your paypal donation.

Sorry guys, but i don’t have enough free time to restore everything and i don’t have enough money to pay hosting alone.


Yes aka Christophe

Wroclaw, Popcorn Hour

Recently I visited Wrocław in Poland. This was a short work trip so I did not get very much time for other things. I took some photos one day after work. On my last evening I planned to see some more and take some more pictures but unfortunately it started to rain. Anyway it’s a very nice city I think.

Some more images here.

To something completely different. Last week I got my projector back after being repaired so today I bought a Popcorn Hour media center. It’s a small box that you can connect to a hard drive and your network so you can watch movies or listen to audio from those sources. As I have a HD ready projector this was the first time I have tried to watch 720p material, and it looks really great The user interface feels a bit slow but not that bad, and this media center is not so expensive compared to the alternatives. It seems to play most formats even though I have found some files that did not play. Also I got use for one old hard drive that was just lying in a drawer.