Nectarine is dead :(

The Nectarine radio that streamed demoscene music has been hacked. Apparently the person who did this managed to delete both the content on the server and it’s backup. This is so sad because it was a really good site that I liked a lot and the guy behind it has put in a lot of work into it. I do not understand why people want to do things like that, so stupid. It seems that the person who run Nectarine is not going to put it back online, but hopefully someone else can take over and build it up again. There are many people who liked it and who have been listening to the station for years.

This was posted on the site:

This morning a script kiddie hacked nectarine.
He did post a hint on the vulnerability in the oneliner before trashing everything.
The whole Database is deleted, backup too. The only one i have is from august.

The vulnerability was coming from multipage class i used.

My motivation is too low to fight against lamers again.

If you are a donor, maybe could you unsubscribe your paypal donation.

Sorry guys, but i don’t have enough free time to restore everything and i don’t have enough money to pay hosting alone.


Yes aka Christophe


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