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Brainblast 0.2

I have released version 0.2 of my puzzle/memory game Brainblast. Many minor fixes but you will notice that it is not in a finished state yet, but it’s more playable now with randomly generated levels that progressively gets harder. Exists as source code and .deb package.

As a side note I played around with git for this code and have now moved all code from svn to git. When I set this project up I tried svn instead of cvs which I know much better and I really never got into svn, git however seem very nice. I have just used if for a few days but this feels like the way to go.

Brainblast 0.1 released

I made the first release of the small game I have made. I have a long list of things to fix and improve upon but at least it is playable so one can see the basics. I have currently made a debian package, but will provide rpm also later. You need linux, there is not any builds for other platforms available at the moment.

If you feel like trying it you can visit http://brainblast.sourceforge.net/

Old blog posts about the game can be found in the category.

Brainblast graphics

Improving the graphics does quite a lot to a game. I worked a while using Gimp and made a background which turned out quite nice. I found the tiles in a free tile set at lostgarden.com. There is still room for improvement of course, but it’s also a limit for how much time I can spend on this 🙂 And now the twoplayer mode has been removed (even though I hope to make that a choice later).

Brainblast progress

So I spent some more time on the little game that I have mentioned earlier. It’s now starting to actually closing in on becoming playable although there are still some parts missing for that such as a scoring system and level advancement. And the game is still set up as a twoplayer game although there is only one player playing, I obviously need to fix that 🙂

Anyway I updated the graphics such that it looks more like a game, but of course it needs to be improved more later. But at least the player is now a small doctor/wizard instead of a pepper 🙂 (By the way I have earlier called the pepper a paprice, where did I get that word from ?) Anyway now you can also put the falling pieces into place and not just look at them bouncing around.

Here is an image of how it looks now:

There are more and earlier screenshots here.


I actually took some time and continued with the small game that I once started on, see previous posts:

  1. Game programming
  2. The game

Quite fun when you get the time. Now the player can pick up items and throw them around and jump. There is also a draft of the playing fields visible, and there is music playing in the background.

I still use the ugly gimp-sprites 🙂 so the paprice is the player and the yellow stars are the game pieces. The next step would be to make the playfield workable so you could place items in the slots. Then of course when playing is working as it should the look needs to improve, currently I just use the simplest graphics I found to check that the code is working as it should.

When the game is actually playable, it would be fun to add networking. The original game that I based this on did not have that, you played two on the same computer (and that is why there are two playfields visible). A global highscore would of course also be fun. But yes it’s quite a while until I get that far 🙂

The game

I thought I never would get around to actually start on the game that I have mentioned, but this weekend I started coding a bit on it and I now have sprites that are affected by gravity and that can jump and bounce 🙂 So even though the progress might be slow it’s at least much easier to continue on something when you have most of the framework set up. Also coding when you actually see your results visually by sprites moving around the screen makes it more rewarding.

This is how fantastic the game look now:

If you have used gimp you might recognize the sprites I use for testing.

Game programming

I have had some plans for a while to make a small game. I have not done much game programming so it will probably not be anything special, just for fun and to learn some new stuff. But often there is not much time for it so I guess this will be a slow project, nevertheless I hope I end up with something playable one day.

Many years ago when the Amiga 500 was popular I played a lot of games, and the game I plan to make is inspired by one simple game I really liked called Brain Blasters. Here are some images of the old Amiga game:




In the game you will se a puzzle which you have to memorize, and by collecting falling pieces you must recreate the image correctly before the time runs out. Also in the original version you could play 2 players and the person that first recreated the correct image would win.

The only thing done so far is to decide what tools to use and without any particularly extensive research I think I am going to try out this combination:

Kyra sprite engine – for the sprites.

Kyra is based on SDL and C++.

Lets see how it goes…