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Värme och ljud

Nu är det för varmt tycker jag, kl är snart 24 och det är 31 grader i mitt sovrum, hoppas hösten kommer snart, men enligt prognoserna ska det bli ännu varmare.

Annars har jag lyssnat på mina nya högtalare, det blev ett par Klipsch.

3665674110_e45f56f4f2 (1)

Stor skillnad mot de gamla, men det ska visst ta ett tag att ”spela in” dem enligt hi-fi nördarna på diverse forum, vi får se om det stämmer 🙂

Märkliga drömmar

När jag ändå är i fart med att skriva så kan jag ju nämna några mäkliga drömmar. Om nån är drömtydare kan ni ju få en utmaning med att tyda dem 🙂

Jag brukar nästan aldrig komma ihåg vad jag drömmer, men just de senaste dagarna har två drömmar fastnat i huvudet av nån anledning. I natt drömde jag att jag spelade squash med Michael Jackson i nån slags skolsal. De som satt där var ganska irriterade av att få bollen på sig titt som tätt. Jag varken spelar squash, går i skolan eller lyssnar på Michael Jackson så det var en minst sagt udda kombination.

I en annan dröm för några dagar sedan var jag i någon lägenhet som var full med ugnar. Jag gick och räknade dem och konstaterade att alla var på och orade mig för vad dyrt det skulle bli på elräkningen att ha så många ugnar igång samtidigt.

Thunderstorms ( Tor/Þórr does not like me… )

Yesterday there was a quite big thunderstorm in Oslo. This is not so common here, and not that it is so close.

I heard it in the distance but did not initially think it was coming much closer. But when I sat in my couch with a glass of water in my hand there was suddenly a huge bang with lightning and thunder at the same time, I jumped so I spilled out all the water in my couch and car alarms started in the street. I also got a ringing sound in my right ear for several hours after from the loud sound. I did not see where the lighning hit, but it must have been very close to my house.

When there is a thunderstorm it’s of course good to disconnect electrical machines, but I was a bit surprised by how fast it came so I never got to that. So unfortunately I have now a long list of things not working anymore:

* My flat screen computer monitor died ( I had a dual monitor setup, so fortunately only one died and I can still use my computer )
* The DVD player for my tv is dead
* The sound in my PSP is gone ( which unfortunately was on charging when it happened )
* The network card on my computer was fried ( fortunately everything else on the computer seems to work though)
* My digital TV box is also completely dead.
* Even my wireless router is dead.

I am not sure I have tested all things here so there might be more.

At least I had an older computer standing in a corner from which I could grab an old network card, so I now have internet back even though I have a cable dragged across the floor as the router died.

Well it’s all just things…

Spring, Opera and sneezing

It’s now really nice and warm outside. Unfortunately I sat mostly inside at the computer this weekend doing some programming and other stuff. However I did take a walk down to the new Opera building here in Oslo and took some images. It looks very nice. Not very cheap however, I read in the newspaper that around 4 billion NOK of tax money was used to build it. The same newspaper also mentioned that 8000 people from 700 different companies were involved in the building process. On saturday when I was there it was very crowded, you even had to stand in line on the small bridge over the road as it was so crowded in the staircase.

At the computer I tried to find a good way of drawing uml class diagrams in svg on linux. After testing different alternatives such as gaphor and umbrello I ended up using the old classic Dia. Gaphor was terribly buggy. Umbrello is ok, but it could not export proper SVG so I gave up on that too. Maybe there are nicer tools for this that I have not found ? Dia at least exported usable SVG after some tweaking of the fonts used.

Outside in the sun I immediately sneezed because of the bright light. I have sometimes wondered about this strange reflex but never cared to look it up. But now I did (on the net) and apparently it’s a genetic thing. However scientists do not know exactly why this happen for some people, except that the connections in the brain are a bit crosswired between the reflex that should close the iris and the sneeze reflex. I am not very bothered by it though. Also sneezing seem to be something that is not really needed in it’s current form in humans at all. Because it is thought that sneezing is supposed to clean out the nose to expell bacteria, pollen, virus and dirt. However humans sneeze almost completely with the mouth instead of the nose in contrast to other mammals. Check your dog or cat next time they sneeze, apparently they sneeze only with the nose (which is the proper and useful way of sneezing). So apparently it is a bit pointless to sneeze at all, and to sneeze when looking at the sun is then even more pointless :-). According to the report I found on the net around 20% of the Swedish population have this sun-sneeze reflex, I found that surprisingly high as I can’t recall having met someone else that have mentioned beeing affected by this, but then again I have never asked. And to be precise it’s not the sun in itself that causes it, for example if I have went to bed and been lying in the dark for some time and then decide to go up and turn on the computer; the bright light from the monitor is usually so bright that I have to sneeze :-).


This is stupid, I have signed up to not get a phonebook because I never use it, and apparently no one in my building use them. We are 4 apartments here and this is how it looked in the trashcans today, 4 unopened phonebooks.

I tried to cancel it last year also but it did not work that year either. The people who deliver these books do not seem to care, they just drop 4 books here because there are 4 apartments.

What a waste.

Expensive cars

Most Swedes or Norwegians know that prices are often higher in Norway on various things. But I guess not everyone is aware of how much more expensive cars are here in Norway than in Sweden. I was aware it was expensive but not this expensive because I have never really bothered to check car prices before, but now I did.

As an example I just checked the prices of some brand new Volvo cars. And for further comparison I also added the prices in Denmark and Finland and you might be surprised to see that the Danish prices are even higher than the already extremely high Norwegian price.

Volvo S80 2.5:

Sweden : 286.900 SEK
Finland: 488.066 SEK
Norway : 677.125 SEK
Denmark: 697.957 SEK
And for the more powerful cars the difference is even greater:

Volvo XC90 V8:

Sweden : 577.900 SEK
Finland: ? SEK ( did not find a V8, the cheaper D5 costs 650.000 SEK)
Norway : 1.477.429 SEK
Denmark: 1.578.793 SEK
Sources: www.volvo./no/se/dk and www.bilia.fi

As another example on second hand cars you can find V70 TDI’s from 1999 in the price span 30.000-50.000 SEK in Sweden (blocket.se) while in Norway (finn.no) it seems to be around (150.000-200.000) SEK for the same car.

I have not really digged deep with this investigation and I do not know anything about car prices really so of course there can be errors in the prices I listed here due to facts I an not aware of, but to me this seemed to be the base prices listed for these models in the Scandinavian countries.

And to buy a car in Sweden and register it as Norwegian is so expensive that you usually will end up with an even higher price than in Norway, because otherwise of course no one would buy their car in Norway or Denmark.

The difference seems crazy really… am I only dreaming ?

No sun ?

Up here in Scandinavia there are not so much sunshine in the winter, but I just read about a small town in Austria that has no sun at all in the winter. Sounds a bit weird but as the town is behind a large mountain and the sun is much lower in the winter they are in constant shadow. They were discussing installing som huge mirrors to get some light there but apparantly it was too expensive. So it’s not too bad up here 🙂 And now with the snow it’s all much brighter.


Just a short story I read in a recent issue of Scientific American.

A hat seller, on waking from a nap under a tree, found that a group of monkeys had taken all his hats to the top of the tree. In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground. The monkeys known for their imitative urge, hurled down the hats, which the hat seller promptly collected. Half a century later his grandson, also a hat seller, set down his wares under the same tree for a nap. On waking, he was dismayed to discover that monkeys had taken all his hats to the treetop. Then he remembered his grandfather’s story, so he threw his own hat to the ground. But, mysteriously, none of the monkeys threw any hats, and only one monkey came down. It took the hat on the ground firmly in hand, walked up to the hat seller, gave him a slap and said, ”You think only you have a grandfather?”

Missing phone

This morning I could not find my mobile phone when I was about to leave for work. Fortunately I have a home phone so I called it, and to my big surprise I heard it ringing in the thrash can ?!. Don’t know how it ended up in there, but I was lucky that it had not run out of battery or that I had emptied the thrash 🙂 I know I can be absent minded sometimes, but I really think this was just a stupid mistake, or so I hope 🙂

Not much happening, or ?

Not too much happning at the moment, but I have a new computer so some time has been spent with that, and I am reading a book on math which has been half read for too long. It’s not the best book I have read, but you got to finish it anyway don’t you ? And there are some good parts so…

I have also been quite good at exercising frequently, at least the past week 🙂 I have been out bicycling in the nice weather. Sometimes I think I should try a different route, but I used my old standard, going up to Tryvannstårnet. I was also out trying my rollerblades, but frankly Oslo is a quite bad city for that, it’s too much up and down. At one point I got too much speed in a slope and as quick controlled braking is not possible ( at least I have no clue about how to do that ) I did the uncontrolled medium quick braking by riding out on the grass while switching to running on the roller blades :-). That was when I decided that this was not such a good route. But if I should use a good route here in Oslo I have to bring the rollerblades somewhere. Hmm maybe I will bring them back to Sweden this summer. My old hometown is much better constructed for this 🙂

Yesterday I was at the gym, and today I ran 10 km. Perhaps I should remember the time this time and try to beat it the next time. Usually I never write down anything about the results so I really have no idea of how bad or good shape I am in at the moment, or compared to anyone else or even myself in the past. So, ok next weekend I am going to beat myself, I definitely think todays result will not be that hard to beat because when you run a distance you are not used to it’s hard to know how hard you can start out and I feel I started too slow today.

Also some friends are going to Thailand next year and I decided to join them.