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Värme och ljud

Nu är det för varmt tycker jag, kl är snart 24 och det är 31 grader i mitt sovrum, hoppas hösten kommer snart, men enligt prognoserna ska det bli ännu varmare.

Annars har jag lyssnat på mina nya högtalare, det blev ett par Klipsch.

3665674110_e45f56f4f2 (1)

Stor skillnad mot de gamla, men det ska visst ta ett tag att ”spela in” dem enligt hi-fi nördarna på diverse forum, vi får se om det stämmer 🙂

Replacing the black sheep

I was really tired today… Left work a little earlier than usual. On the way home I visited a HIFI store to buy a new CD player that I have thought about buying for a very long time. And as a positive surprise I noted that the price had been lowered on the player by 1500 NOK. That was a really good deal, all other stores who sell this player still charge the normal price, they told me in the store that they had lowered the price on this model because they want to focus on more cheap models as that is what their customers are buying. He said he wanted to have more buyers like me 🙂 This player cost’s around 9000 back in Sweden so I am very happy with my buy and the sound is really good. My stereo is now complete with all parts of high quality. The CD player was the black sheep in my stereo, but now it’s finally complete. Although I will still keep the black sheep as it’s not a bad piece of equipment at all, in fact one of my best electronic buys ever; it’s just a little out of the place compared to the rest. The black sheep is a Technics 110 disc changer, while the new player is a Rotel RCD-1072.

So why go with a CD player now when we have mp3’s and DVD players and all new stuff ? When it comes to mp3’s they really suck when you play them on a good system. At least I noted a big difference when I updated my amplifier that my mp3’s sounded so much more crappy as you are now able to hear all the flaws of the compression much more clearly.

Rotel RDC1072

Well I am mostly interested in high quality music and you can get very good sound in a good 2 – channel system. And the CD is not a bad format that I believe will still be around for a while. At least my own collection will be around :). So when I buyed my current amplifier I decided that I instead of spending the money on a ok dvd player I spend them on a really good stereo amplifier to get a really good stereo system for music. You can still get good sound from the DVD movies when I play them on the computer as I have a good subwoofer in the system.

So now I am really satsified 🙂 and I am going to use much time to relive my CD’s with the new sound…