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Thunderstorms ( Tor/Þórr does not like me… )

Yesterday there was a quite big thunderstorm in Oslo. This is not so common here, and not that it is so close.

I heard it in the distance but did not initially think it was coming much closer. But when I sat in my couch with a glass of water in my hand there was suddenly a huge bang with lightning and thunder at the same time, I jumped so I spilled out all the water in my couch and car alarms started in the street. I also got a ringing sound in my right ear for several hours after from the loud sound. I did not see where the lighning hit, but it must have been very close to my house.

When there is a thunderstorm it’s of course good to disconnect electrical machines, but I was a bit surprised by how fast it came so I never got to that. So unfortunately I have now a long list of things not working anymore:

* My flat screen computer monitor died ( I had a dual monitor setup, so fortunately only one died and I can still use my computer )
* The DVD player for my tv is dead
* The sound in my PSP is gone ( which unfortunately was on charging when it happened )
* The network card on my computer was fried ( fortunately everything else on the computer seems to work though)
* My digital TV box is also completely dead.
* Even my wireless router is dead.

I am not sure I have tested all things here so there might be more.

At least I had an older computer standing in a corner from which I could grab an old network card, so I now have internet back even though I have a cable dragged across the floor as the router died.

Well it’s all just things…

Books and Electricity

Now with the high electricity costs here in Norway (the prices are doubled compared to last year) I thought it would be interesting to see how much I actually use on various things in my apartment. Today I connected it to the washing machine and found out the following: I used the economy program on 40℃ (1:30h) with 2:10h of drying ( I have a combined machine ). The effect peaked at 2651W / 11.63A and the total consumption was 3.30 KWh. The current price for electricity is now about 0.75NOK/KWh in addition to nettleie (whatever that is in English) at about 0.32NOK/KWh, so totally the price of one wash is about 3.50NOK which do not sounds that much really. I do about 2 washes a week so that would amount to about 364NOK a year. Not entirely correct however as the price varies over the seasons and also I do run 60℃ washes also of course which would be slightly more expensive I guess. Nevertheless this gives an approximate figure.

By the way I thought Norway was cheaper than Sweden for electricity but it seems that I was wrong, here is a graph over the prices per MWh in SEK for Sweden, Denmark and Norway collected over the last 30 days.

The graph was generated at

Also I bought two books today that I have thought about for some time, Mastering regular expressions by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl and C++ Gotchas by Stephen C. Dewhurst. I think I will be able to pickup some new ideas from these. From what I have heard they should be good.