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Påsken 2009

Använder tiden till att inte göra så mycket alls egentligen 🙂

Men jag har gått på konsert, Inferno, var några år sedan jag var där sist. Tog några bilder med mobilen, blir inte så bra men jag orkar inte släpa omkring på en stor klumpkamera på konsert.

Som vanligt blandad kvalitet, en del bra och en del dåligt.

Annars har jag spelat en hel del Wipeout HD då det kommit ut en ny patch som infört rating system. Väldigt trevligt att det kom eftersom onlineläget blev lite enahanda efterhand när man inte hade någon statistik. Men jag blev lite besviken att ratingen i stort sett verkar vara ett mått på aktivitet snarare än skicklighet, dvs man förlorar ingen rating om man förlorar men tjänar rating när man vinner. Så de som är bra stiger i graderna snabbare men de som är mindre bra stiger också med enda skillnaden att det går saktare. Jag antar att utvecklarna med det nya systemet ville att alla skulle kunna känna att det går framåt istället för att en del mindre bra spelare fick svart på vitt att dom inte är bra. Dessutom introducerade patchen en hel del buggar; men jag antar att det fixar sig så småningom.

Iron Maiden

This weekend I was visiting Göteborg and watched Iron Maidens concert at Ullevi stadium. According to the band it was the largest arena in the world they are playing at, and I checked it and it seems to be correct. It was sold out with over 56 000 people. However they are performing in front of more people in non stadium shows like Wacken Open Air in Germany with over 70 000 people and some place in Canada with over 90 000. I have a small crappy video from my phone before they entered the stage here. The concert was great and the weather was perfect 🙂

Today I was out with my bike, quite hot but it was nice. I have not been so good with the training lately but hopefully I will change that. I found a Swedish site funbeat.se where you can track all the training you are doing, set up goals and see statistics. Sounds fun, but we will see if it remains fun, I have at least created an account and will try it and see.


Today I made a new release (version 1.2) of an application I named SnakeTray. This release should be pretty stable and usable, there are still some minor problems but nothing serious.

This application monitors a specific internet radio station where you can request songs and shows you the remaining minutes until you can make another request. Maybe this can be made more generic in the future to support an arbitrary internet radio station or generic enough to fetch any data using a regular expression from a page on the internet, however this was my first try in integrating an application in the KDE environment so I mostly played around and learned some stuff.

To use this application you will need Linux and you need to run the KDE desktop environment. And in addition you should like to listen to Metal 🙂

Here is the link:


So it’s weekend again. I am pretty certain that the time increases it’s speed… Nevertheless I have no big plans for this weekend. But I can tell that I had fun last weekend when I attended a concert. I am not very often at concerts but I think I am going to go much more often, it’s very fun 🙂 Last weekend I saw a Norwegian metal band named Susperia. I would categorize them as some kind of thrash metal.


The show was really good ( not a big concert, maybe 200 people ). But the warm up band was not my type of music. The band/person was called Mortiis, and the music was – how should I put it – ”interesting’. He is dressed like a troll in rasta hair and plays a very electronic type of metal.

The only concerts I have been on earlier here in Oslo are two Nightwish conserts of which I consider the first one was much better. Much earlier ( a few years ago) I saw a band named Apocalyptica ( metallica covers on Cello’s ). Oh and I almost forgot, I have also seen Björn Rosenström and Briskeby. I think that’s about all concerts I have seen…

No wait.. there is one more. I saw a classic consert in Oslo Konserthus also, it was a girl that played music by some russian composer. I tried to remember the name of this composer but unfortunately my memory of russian names is a bit rusty. I know almost how it sounds but not even google could help me when I tried to spell the sound of his name.

Anyway let it be more… 🙂