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Opera 9.5 Released

Today Opera 9.5 was released.

The two new main features are:

Quick Find – You can easily search for a word contained in any web page that you have visited previously. This is integrated into the address bar.

Opera Link – Syncs bookmarks, notes and speed dial entries between your different computers and even your mobile phone. So as soon you store a bookmark on any of your computers at work or at home or on the mobile phone in the bus you will automatically get it everywhere. It will also be available in a web interface if you for some strange reason do not have Opera available at the moment 🙂

And of course there are lot’s of improvements on speed and better Web Standards support.

Read more and download from here.

If you are a web developer you might also be interested in checking out the alpha version of Operas developer tools named Dragonfly.

Opera Mini

Did you know that about 10-20% of the foreign internet traffic in Norway are Opera Mini traffic ? You can check out Operas server room that handles all this data in this Norwegian article.

Opera Mini is Operas mobile web browser that can be installed on almost any mobile phone. It’s also completely free and there are no ads, you will probably even save money (and time) as if you are paying per kB your built in mobile browser will not compress the data before it’s downloaded to your phone; but when you use Opera Mini it’s compressed on Operas servers before it’s sent to you. As an example the NY Times website is about 660 kB, but when using Opera Mini it’s compressed to about 85 kB.

You can read more and download Opera Mini at operamini.com.

Night walking

I like to walk and usually I end up walking further than I would have guessed before if I had made a guess, but I never plan where I am going to walk, I just walk 🙂 Tonight I walked in the night and got home at around 1. Usually I do not walk that late, but today I did not really look at the clock. But it’s very nice to walk late now when it’s so hot during the day. I was even able to see some stars this night even though Oslo is quite bright you could at least see some of them. If you are in a really dark place far from the city you would be able to see somewhere around 4000 stars with the unaided eye ( the figure varies on location and source and many things ). There is a catalogue containing around 9100 stars that is visible for a person with good eyes here, that of course includes stars also on the southern hemisphere that can’t be seen from the northern hemisphere.

Otherwise I was visiting a music web site that I use to visit from time to time when I discovered that the javascript menus did not work there again in Opera. About a year ago I told them how to fix the problem, and they did. Unfortunately they seem to have upgraded the menus and now they are broken in Opera 9, however they work fine in Opera 8.54. Problem is that they use a menu software to generate the menus for them called Milonic. Unfortunately the milonic menus really suck. To generate a few simple menus they use over 1500 lines or 70kb of javascript, many sites use much more though but it’s still a mess. I planned to check what the problem was but I gave up after a while as I had other things to do.


As of version 9 of the Opera browser there is a new feature called widgets which are small web applications running on your desktop. For example if you click on the small image below you will get a widget that contains my blog: