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Iron Maiden

This weekend I was visiting Göteborg and watched Iron Maidens concert at Ullevi stadium. According to the band it was the largest arena in the world they are playing at, and I checked it and it seems to be correct. It was sold out with over 56 000 people. However they are performing in front of more people in non stadium shows like Wacken Open Air in Germany with over 70 000 people and some place in Canada with over 90 000. I have a small crappy video from my phone before they entered the stage here. The concert was great and the weather was perfect 🙂

Today I was out with my bike, quite hot but it was nice. I have not been so good with the training lately but hopefully I will change that. I found a Swedish site funbeat.se where you can track all the training you are doing, set up goals and see statistics. Sounds fun, but we will see if it remains fun, I have at least created an account and will try it and see.

Not much happening, or ?

Not too much happning at the moment, but I have a new computer so some time has been spent with that, and I am reading a book on math which has been half read for too long. It’s not the best book I have read, but you got to finish it anyway don’t you ? And there are some good parts so…

I have also been quite good at exercising frequently, at least the past week 🙂 I have been out bicycling in the nice weather. Sometimes I think I should try a different route, but I used my old standard, going up to Tryvannstårnet. I was also out trying my rollerblades, but frankly Oslo is a quite bad city for that, it’s too much up and down. At one point I got too much speed in a slope and as quick controlled braking is not possible ( at least I have no clue about how to do that ) I did the uncontrolled medium quick braking by riding out on the grass while switching to running on the roller blades :-). That was when I decided that this was not such a good route. But if I should use a good route here in Oslo I have to bring the rollerblades somewhere. Hmm maybe I will bring them back to Sweden this summer. My old hometown is much better constructed for this 🙂

Yesterday I was at the gym, and today I ran 10 km. Perhaps I should remember the time this time and try to beat it the next time. Usually I never write down anything about the results so I really have no idea of how bad or good shape I am in at the moment, or compared to anyone else or even myself in the past. So, ok next weekend I am going to beat myself, I definitely think todays result will not be that hard to beat because when you run a distance you are not used to it’s hard to know how hard you can start out and I feel I started too slow today.

Also some friends are going to Thailand next year and I decided to join them.

Night walking

I like to walk and usually I end up walking further than I would have guessed before if I had made a guess, but I never plan where I am going to walk, I just walk 🙂 Tonight I walked in the night and got home at around 1. Usually I do not walk that late, but today I did not really look at the clock. But it’s very nice to walk late now when it’s so hot during the day. I was even able to see some stars this night even though Oslo is quite bright you could at least see some of them. If you are in a really dark place far from the city you would be able to see somewhere around 4000 stars with the unaided eye ( the figure varies on location and source and many things ). There is a catalogue containing around 9100 stars that is visible for a person with good eyes here, that of course includes stars also on the southern hemisphere that can’t be seen from the northern hemisphere.

Otherwise I was visiting a music web site that I use to visit from time to time when I discovered that the javascript menus did not work there again in Opera. About a year ago I told them how to fix the problem, and they did. Unfortunately they seem to have upgraded the menus and now they are broken in Opera 9, however they work fine in Opera 8.54. Problem is that they use a menu software to generate the menus for them called Milonic. Unfortunately the milonic menus really suck. To generate a few simple menus they use over 1500 lines or 70kb of javascript, many sites use much more though but it’s still a mess. I planned to check what the problem was but I gave up after a while as I had other things to do.


It was a while since I was out cycling, and much much longer since I wrote anything in my blog. So I thought I could combine them this time. And as I have bought a new phone recently I got some pictures of the ride and here is one of them:

Me on bicycle

Image is taken close to Tryvann in Oslo, I usually ride up there because it’s not far and it’s sweaty enough with all that uphill. Also I love the nature up there, a magnificent view of the mountains in the far, you can even see snow sometimes if the air is clear, but today it was hazy so you did not see that far. On my way I got sunburned, but that was intentional, and I saw a woman feeding a cute little duckling in the small lake, a young couple that took a bath naked, but they quickly got dressed when they saw me for some reason 🙂 Probably tourists that thought they were far from the civilization 🙂 Oh yes I saw another cute little animal, a squirrel.


I planned to go training today, but then I felt so tired so I am postponing that for tomorrow.

Usually I like the snow and so but now I am bit bored with the cold and the indoor training. I long for the spring such that I can take a ride with my bike again. Riding up and down the hills of Oslo has a certain charm, I don’t think I would enjoy bicycling as much if there were no hills as they are very good targets. I usually decide to go up a specific top which makes me very tired on the way up, but then it’s downhill all the way home. Skiing is also very nice of course but it’s more cumbersome. You have to vax the skis, dress warm, freezing when you wait on the subway there and freeze again on the subway home. Bicycling is so simple, if I decide to take a ride I’ll be out there training within 5 minutes while it takes hours to get out skiing. Going to the gym is also very fast as I live just 100 meters away, and there is another one 100 meters from work, so there is no way to escape 🙂 but going to the gym is just nice, it’s not fun in the same way as going bicycling or playing soccer.


Took a ride with my crosscountry skis today and watched some of the skijumping at Holmenkollen, so I am a bit tired right now. Otherwise my plan with this entry is to show that my cactus has grown flowers. That is pretty cool as it’s the first time it ever do and I planted it myself from a seed for many years ago. It’s probably over 10 years ago I planted the seed so getting a cactus to flower is something that requires patience. Anyway here it is…



It’s sunday and everything is rather calm as it is on sundays. Less traffic outside and I have not done much and the clock is 15. Well I have done one important thing and that is to change my brake pads on the bicycle. That was in time, I noted that the brake rubber had almost dissappeared and some metal almost shined through on one of pads. Luckily it was just almost 🙂 One more ride and I had probably scraped up the rims. So I am going to try out the brakes later today on my now almost routinely weekend ride. Getting abit cold and wet outside, but with the right clothes it’s nice.
But before the ride I am going to eat some. Maybe I’ll look like this later :), luckily I have some glasses now which I did not have back then. The image is from about 1 year ago.


So now the winter is here, and I like it really much 🙂 It’s brighter and everything looks so nice with the snow. The only bad side with it is that my room is a bit cold because it’s so big and has 6 windows and only two radiators. But there is something called clothes, so I am doing all right.

Today I went on my first ski trip this winter, started with a rather short trip. You are always a bit more tired the first time on the season as you seem to be using some muscles that are only used when you ski. I went from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter and back, which is a short trip but there is some height difference.


I have not taken this image, it’s an image from but it shows how beautiful it can be. When I went back from Ullevålseter you have oslo below you and it was dawn so there was a beautiful red-orange glow from the city and later when it got totally dark you get that blue snow…

I am not sure if it’s because of the ski trip but now sitting here in the night I feel so happy 🙂

If you have not tried it, go out and do it if you have some snow. It’s also a very cheap wintersport compared to alot of other winter activities.