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Wroclaw, Popcorn Hour

Recently I visited Wrocław in Poland. This was a short work trip so I did not get very much time for other things. I took some photos one day after work. On my last evening I planned to see some more and take some more pictures but unfortunately it started to rain. Anyway it’s a very nice city I think.

Some more images here.

To something completely different. Last week I got my projector back after being repaired so today I bought a Popcorn Hour media center. It’s a small box that you can connect to a hard drive and your network so you can watch movies or listen to audio from those sources. As I have a HD ready projector this was the first time I have tried to watch 720p material, and it looks really great The user interface feels a bit slow but not that bad, and this media center is not so expensive compared to the alternatives. It seems to play most formats even though I have found some files that did not play. Also I got use for one old hard drive that was just lying in a drawer.

Back in Oslo

I am now back in Oslo after 2 weeks in Thailand. It was great and it was an interesting contrast to travel to that summer weather from snowy Norway. On the day I left there was a snowstorm such that the bus to the airport was delayed, and the plane was also delayed a few hours. I was lucky however to have a connecting flight that did not leave until the next day so all was fine anyway.

But I can’t help feeling very good about getting home again, cold and dark and whatever it’s still beautiful and it’s home, here I am back the day after returning looking at the city where I live…

Back in Norway

So I have now been out on a little work trip to China. It was very exciting to experience china again and this time from another angle than last time ( a couple of years ago ) when I went with a tourist group. I think both ways are nice, they complement each other.

But returning back to Oslo and Norway make me feel more at home here, you appreciate more what you have when you have been away from it for a while. Oslo feels like a smaller city now, and very calm and quiet. And the best thing is that you have the nature so close around, I don’t know how I could manage without it.