So it’s weekend again. I am pretty certain that the time increases it’s speed… Nevertheless I have no big plans for this weekend. But I can tell that I had fun last weekend when I attended a concert. I am not very often at concerts but I think I am going to go much more often, it’s very fun 🙂 Last weekend I saw a Norwegian metal band named Susperia. I would categorize them as some kind of thrash metal.


The show was really good ( not a big concert, maybe 200 people ). But the warm up band was not my type of music. The band/person was called Mortiis, and the music was – how should I put it – ”interesting’. He is dressed like a troll in rasta hair and plays a very electronic type of metal.

The only concerts I have been on earlier here in Oslo are two Nightwish conserts of which I consider the first one was much better. Much earlier ( a few years ago) I saw a band named Apocalyptica ( metallica covers on Cello’s ). Oh and I almost forgot, I have also seen Björn Rosenström and Briskeby. I think that’s about all concerts I have seen…

No wait.. there is one more. I saw a classic consert in Oslo Konserthus also, it was a girl that played music by some russian composer. I tried to remember the name of this composer but unfortunately my memory of russian names is a bit rusty. I know almost how it sounds but not even google could help me when I tried to spell the sound of his name.

Anyway let it be more… 🙂


As a sidenote to the speak I heard by Bruce Schneider, I thought I should point out a quote from his last newsletter that was pointed out to me.

”After the Download.ject attack in June, voices advocating alternatives to Internet Explorer grew louder. Which browser do you use?

Schneier: I think it’s foolish to use Internet Explorer. It’s filled with security holes, and it’s too hard to configure it to have decent security. Basically, it seems to be written in the best interests of Microsoft and not in the best interests of the customer. I have used the Opera browser for years, and I am very happy with it. It’s much better designed, and I never have to worry about Explorer-based attacks.”


Jaha då tänkte jag att jag skulle prova på det här med att blogga. Jag har ju i och för sig redan gjort något liknande tidigare, men då har jag gjort det manuellt här. Men detta lilla program som jag hittade via en slashdot artikel verkade ganska nice. Kanske lite overkill, men men det är alltid kul att testa och se hur det funkar. Det verkade som om det skulle generera validerande xhtml men följer man linken så gör det tyvärr inte det. Men man ska väl inte vara för petig även om det irriterar mig.


So now the winter is here, and I like it really much 🙂 It’s brighter and everything looks so nice with the snow. The only bad side with it is that my room is a bit cold because it’s so big and has 6 windows and only two radiators. But there is something called clothes, so I am doing all right.

Today I went on my first ski trip this winter, started with a rather short trip. You are always a bit more tired the first time on the season as you seem to be using some muscles that are only used when you ski. I went from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter and back, which is a short trip but there is some height difference.


I have not taken this image, it’s an image from but it shows how beautiful it can be. When I went back from Ullevålseter you have oslo below you and it was dawn so there was a beautiful red-orange glow from the city and later when it got totally dark you get that blue snow…

I am not sure if it’s because of the ski trip but now sitting here in the night I feel so happy 🙂

If you have not tried it, go out and do it if you have some snow. It’s also a very cheap wintersport compared to alot of other winter activities.